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Crappie don’t belong in ponds ?

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Fish populations in all bodies of water go through cycles.  Fishing pressure, unless it is really high, is only one of the many factors.

I have seen alot of ponds and strip pits where everyone started taking (or throwing up on the bank) all the small "stunted" fish in an effort to improve the fishery, and I've never seen that actually be any more effective than just leaving it alone for 3-4 years.  

There were 14 strip pits and numerous farm ponds where I grew up.  Most had only moderate pressure from anglers, and quite a few had little to no pressure.  Each year only a few would really shine, and never was one a noticable hotspot for more than 2 consecutive years.  

The same seems to hold true for the different arms of the big lake that I live on now. 

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MDC doesn’t recommend crappie in ponds. I have fished this 1/2 acre pond 10 times and have mostly caught bass, some big (over 5 lbs).  I’ve caught 2 crappie over 15”. The pics are of my PB crappie yes

I built a 5 ac pond.  In the spring fathead minnows, bluegill, coppernose bluegill, redears.  Next spring smallmouth...don't ask me how much I paid for 100 4-5" smallmouth.  In the fall largemouth and

Well, if you like crappie you should put them in your pond, no matter what anyone says. As a kid, I caught huge crappie in a pond in south OK with my uncle.  I caught them as a kid in ponds in Ka

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