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October 16, Big M area

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Got out today, cold start to the morning but overall it was a beautiful fall day.  The fishing was tough, not real tough, but I had to fish hard for what I caught.  Could catch one here and there but never found a hot spot, did a lot of moving around, mainly fishing points and rocky banks.  Caught some Ned fish, most of them were shallow, couldn't get a Ned bite out past about 10 FOW.  Got a few deep ones on a 3.3 Keitech, slow rolling it off the bottom in 20 FOW.  

Main channel for the most part, I didn't get back in any coves - probably need to start checking that out to see if they are moving into the backs.

Caught 14, 3 keepers.  Mix of spots and smalls.  Zero largemouth.

Didn't see much top water activity but there are small shad everywhere.  WT 67.

My biggest fish.


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I'm still bummed out. We went this afternoon for about 3 hours, dam area. Water temp was 69 degrees and the lake is pretty stained (turning over?) Really slow until the last half hour, then it got exciting. My wife started calling me to get the net. I saw her fighting a decent keeper size smallmouth she caught on a 2.8 keitech. A second later then I felt my rod really load up, but no real fight as I reeled in. I thought it was a good size catfish, but it was really big smallmouth. So I starting yelling for her to get the net! She saw the size of my fish, tried to wedge her rod in the boat and grab the net. I had caught it on my ned rod that has only 4 lb. fluorocarbon, it was swimming there along side the boat, not pulling at all, until I started to get too antsy and I guess it got spooked, just turned and snapped the line. ☹ We did get her bass in the boat. I think maybe for me I should switch that line out for something more stout. That's the second really nice smallie I think I should have landed. 

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23 hours ago, Ham said:

Super Dave Swears by 6 lb. My Happy place with a Ned is 8 lb. 

I'm with Ham! I use 15 lb braid with 8 lb fluorocarbon leader. I've went to braid on all my reels. As I get older, I need help to feel the bite.

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