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My Mother in Law asked my wife if I paid for our room to an over night trip for my Niece Wedding? 

My wife told her it is our money and since she married me my family is hers.

Of course my Mother in Law don’t see it that way.

I still say it is our money but yesterday my wife said she needed $500. I gave it to her. 

Then she takes $120 more. Said I don’t need that much money. ?????

Must be a wife thing but I know if I need money I will have it.


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2 hours ago, oneshot 1 said:

Had to kind of laugh one time.

Told my wife if she cleaned my Truck she could have all the money she found. Well I forgot I had $600 under the Floor Mat but she found it.

What could I do?


Thank your lucky stars she didn't find the real stash.

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15 hours ago, cmoore03 said:

Back in the day, $ 600 under a floor mat was called "Afro-American Affulent"" as I recall.

Had a Black steal out of my Truck one time just took what he could see.

He had no idea what he left behind.

Things probably would have been different if I hadn’t listened to my Sister in Law. She said my wife was only marrying me for my money. So I made sure I didn’t have any.

She married me anyway but her mom was mad that her daughter had to keep working.

In ‘80’s I had her working for me clearing $600 a week. She has always been a good worker.

She goes to school a lot. The other day had a class. 
I look to get demoted but do the same work only because we have too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. I will just lose Rank.


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1 hour ago, fishinwrench said:

What was the benefit of getting married ? 

Mess with her folks. They didn’t want their Daughter around well they had another name for me but Cajun.

They had a Farm they let me hunt until I started killing and stacking.


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