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Saturday 3-6pm. Fished around Short Creek. Boated 20-25 on sculping/ginger jig and pink worm.

Sunday 8-10:30am. Fished same area with dad and had around 20. Started off good and then slowed down. Jigs, pink worm and olive micro beneath float. Found a big diploid brown floating dead by Riverlake on our way up. Probably 30” and 12-15#.


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  • Seth changed the title to Report 10/24-10/26
2 hours ago, JestersHK said:

Go get em buddy!  Stinks about that dead brownie... and a diploid too...

Hope you stick a live one that big today.   

So since your dads holding it I guess that counts as another brown over 20in in your boat hahaha 

If we are counting that one then that means I finally boated a 20”+ in my own boat since I grabbed the stinkin thing! 😂

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Sunday 1-4pm. Fished Narrows to Trophy Run. Pretty slow. Maybe caught 10 on the sculpin/ginger jig and one on ginger micro jig below float.


Gonna grab a bite then take dad and one his buddies up near Short Creek to catch some eaters for a fry. Hopefully evening bite picks up.

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Evening bite was decent again on sculpin/ginger, sculpin/peach jig and pink worm. My dads buddy was fishing yellow power bait and it was a lot slower for him. We boated another 20-25 between the three of us.

I brought them back then ran up to the trophy area and bumped in to Blake as he was finishing up the One Cast. He was catching them pretty good as soon as he turned off that camera. After the water came on at 7, I ran ip to the cable and made one drift down to Trophy Run. Caught 8 bows, all solid 15-18” fish, on a rainbow pattern signature series jerkbait (not sure which model) between cable and island. From the island down I think I only caught 1 more. Water had already started dropping so I called it and came back in.

Looks like tomorrow may be a wash out so this might the end of the report. We’ll see.

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Dad and I got out for an hour an a half this morning before the rain set in. Fished around the Narrows in the trophy area. Pretty slow. Only caught 8-10 fish. One on a jerkbait, one on a jig and float and the rest on sculpin/ginger jigs. Only highlight was dad caught his best of the trip which was an 18.5" bow. Sitting inside drinking hot coffee watching it rain right now. Not sure if I'm feeling up to going back out in this stuff or not. I'm not as mad at them as I was two days ago. 40 degrees is one thing, but 40 degrees while wet amplifies the cold A LOT!

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4 hours ago, Phil Lilley said:

Did you happen to measure the brown?

I didn't but I was guessing it to be 30-32". Duane think it was one of the browns that was posted on your lunker board that was caught several weeks ago. If it is the same fish, it said it was 34.5" on the pic.

I checked the generation schedule and saw they were calling for generation between 6-10 so I convinced myself to bundle up and go out this evening to toss the jerkbait. Between 6-9:30, I boated 21 rainbows with four between 18-19" and had as many or more hooked that pulled off during the fight. Everything came on a rainbow pattern signature series jerkbait (762 model I believe). They definitely wanted a rip-rip-pause retrieve over the slow swim and would pop it on the pause.

This one was 17.5" and probably the prettiest one I caught all night.

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