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                We decided last minute to switch from the NFOW to the Eleven Point.  It was my first time on this river, and we fished the stretch from Greer to Turner.  It was faster than any river I had ever fished before, and my best bet was getting out and wading.  It was also pretty clear, I could see down 6 or 8 feet maybe, and quite a bit deeper than I had expected. 

                 We spent most of Thursday at Greer spring, then after put in, we paddled up a ways past the bridge.  I don't know how to fly fish, so I was using casting/spinning gear.  Thursday I threw various jerkbaits 90% of the time and only caught 2 fish (both trout), and 1 was on a flicker shad, and the other on a spoon.  Friday we made it most of the way to Turner and camped a few bends up.  We played hop scotch with some fishing guides the whole day, they said they caught a bunch and fishing was good.  I was also with a guy who was fly fishing, and he caught fish consistently using a tiny little jig about 5 feet under a float, also doing what the guides were doing.  Friday I put the jerkbaits away and used a crankbait, a marabou jig, and a spoon.  I caught 6 trout and a striped shiner.  Saturday I caught 4 more, using the same stuff.  I was expecting to catch smallmouth, but they weren't having what i was throwing, which isn't terribly uncommon. 🤣   Obviously, it was a great time. I had read that camp sites, were limited, but we had little trouble, and the places we found were really nice.   








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15 hours ago, MaxDrown said:

I see that you have a Jackson Bite kayak. I just bought 2 of those boats. How did it handle on the Eleven Point river?

                  It handles fine, although its the only kayak Ive owned, so I cant really compare it to other ones.  Its slow, but super stable.  If you're just floating and paddling its great, but a kayak is not the ideal boat to be fishing that river from though.  Or at least, I sure found it difficult. 


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If you are wanting smallmouth, try fishing from Cane Bluff down to Greer, rather than the blue ribbon trout area.  The Cane Bluff to Greer section is great smallmouth water.





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