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Lake Temps after Rain

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Is that how you tell when you're "done" too?🤔

I use the atomic thermometer to calibrate my boat units - kinda like the atomic clock.  But then I am an engineer not a scientist - engineers do things, scientist talk about it.

no, i mean what type of standard or other instrument do you use to actually set your gauges by.  you get bent way out of shape so easily it is crazy.  even medical thermometers have a plus or minus ra

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6 minutes ago, DADAKOTA said:

With the dropping temps let me ask, At what temp do you start looking for a jerkbait bite in the fall?

I would starting throwing one now . Caught fish on bull shoals with one this past week . Once the water is below about 55 it should get good . 

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6 minutes ago, Dock-in-it said:

Fished in Kimberling this morning for about an hour and the WT was 64 on the main lake. It is not dropping near as quick as you would think. Had 3 keepers on a spinnerbait slow rolled.

That's interesting, I would've guessed it would be in the 60-62 range after seeing it at 64 Sunday.  Thanks for the info!

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Our water coming in from TR is 57-58.  Surface at the dam has to get at and below that for the lake to turn.  This is a good start.

It usually doesn't turn till mid December.  Hoping for an early turn.

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