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Another Lake Mapping underway ?

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We've had a boat with several odd-looking antennas on the Roof and the Bow traveling back and forth at the mouth of the Big and Little Indian creek arms where they meet the White River channel out in front of Baxter Marina and the Baxter campground this morning.  No one is visible on this boat as it has a fully enclosed cabin on the mid-section of the boat and that cabin has very dark tinted glass on it.  

Has anyone heard of or know of another mapping operation in process ?  Thought that was accomplished when we saw about six boats spread-out in a line a few years back going slowly up the Lake and making a high definition sonar map of the bottom ?   thanks. 

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There must be more than one boat in use by whomever or whatever is doing this.  The boat we watched go back and forth and in circular and wildly varied "S-shaped" patterns for a couple of hours had a fully enclosed, permanent cabin structure on it and all the glass in the cabin was a very dark tint.  No person was ever visible.  Can't be sure but it seemed like it had a few more and different-looking antennas on the bow of the boat and the roof of the cabin.  Thanks for posting the picture. 

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