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I haven’t white bass fished on that pond since the die off several years ago.  I decided to try it today.  I launched at Lightfoot about 9:30 and fished down toward the dam.  I hit 6-8 spots.  Some on

I don't know what causes it but at least 1 in 10 yesterday had some kind of sores on them.  If it were on a person I'd call it a rash.  I don't know what one would call it on a fish.  The Bull Shoals

I took the Jon boat and the flyrod out this evening to see if I could find enough for a mess.   Finally, right before dark I found a ditch that was full of little ones.   They'll do for now.  No rashe

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1 hour ago, olfishead said:

You didn't show my entire post, did you? You might apply for a job with the biased media, you'd fit right in! 

There was no basis to the remainder of your post.    It was just you winding down from admitting that your assessment was flawed.    I omitted it out of courtesy.

If you'd like to start over and try again, we can do that.  Go!

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