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11-19-20 bank fishing report

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It's been a while since I've made a post...and even longer since the last time I took out out the old flyrod.. I even left the jerkbait rod at home so i wouldn't be tempted..

I for sure had some rust and lost/missed the first 4-5 hits on the nymph rig but I managed 2 really pretty rainbows. Both took the red San Juan worm and left the grey scud alone...


After a slow period I did switch over to the jig rod and tried up towards the cable..only managed one chunky Kentucky but that was a fun fight too..got him on a brown and tan bucktail jig that I tie.


I simply couldnt resist throwing a small jerkbait with my jig rod while I was there so I did try that right after dark for a little bit...had one bit hit right by the bank (or it felt big on a light action rod with 4lb line) a couple of big slow headshakes and it was off....never got a look at it.

Seems like the water had some cloudiness to it and a really earthy type smell...could be the water turning over at Table Rock maybe?? But curious what other types of flies or lures you guys try when the water down there is less than clear. Wondering if a bright colored egg fly would work better or if black/dark jig colors seem to do better.

Sure was fun getting a few on the flyrod, reminded me of how excited I was to try fly fishing for the 1st time around 4 years ago. Two flyrods and a fly tying bench later I'd say it's turned into an ok hobby!

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On 11/20/2020 at 6:18 PM, netboy said:

Try a bright colored Y2K fly tied with chartreuse and orange.

It works here on the White river below Bull Shoals during the fall spawning season we are in right now.

Here is one I caught this morning on the Y2K....



DSCF8508 (2).JPG

That is a gorgeous fish! Thanks for the tip

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