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My wife is doing some traveling today. Because of the rain and cooler temperatures I'm hurting too bad so I'm staying home.

Was just reading about a Guy that Loved the Mountains but with age couldn't no longer go into the Mountains. I lived it the Mountains but in a short time I found I didn't care for them. It was kind of in your face thing. Every day you wake up there they were. I climbed to the top of a mountain brought back a little rock saying I still have the mountain, went deep into a mine brought out a little rock. Pretty cool have a rock from thousands of feet up and a little rock from hundreds of feet down.

Remember picking Corn by hand me and my Brother always got the Down Rows. Remember Hickory Chairs with woven Hemp Twine Seats, Wood Cook Stoves and Kerosene Lamps and Hand Pumps in the Kitchen drawing water out of the Cistern.

Wanted to travel found it better to get paid to travel which I did but found over time the Ozarks were home.

I've had many Jobs but Retired from the Bakery getting my Pension.

In September 2001 I was Baptized before that I considered myself the worst . Did I quit sinning no but I'm more aware of my sins. I was a Deacon for years but quit because I didn't believe in Church Doctrine and felt I was lying to the congregation. But over time have come to realize that it is mans law not Gods.

Got Electricity and having fun with Computer, Cell Phones, I Pads and many different Cook Aides that are to burn things better. LOL

Any way life is short make the best of it.


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13 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

And here I’ve had air conditioning my whole life.   59 years old.  

Your folks must have been well off from the start! 

I wanna say that I was 7 years old (2nd grade) when we first got A/C and I HATED IT!   

All of a sudden we had to keep all the windows closed, and I'd get my butt chewed out for going in & out alot.  "GOD------- GLEN, CLOSE THE DOOR!!!" 🙄  

Sheese!  🙁 

Gigantic 2-story house.....and one piddlyass window unit.   I know darn well NOW that it couldn't have kept it more than 2 degrees cooler in there.

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We have Central A/C here but have shade trees we’re getting the house where we can get lots of air in. Open the windows and doors.

We also have Central Heat but mostly Heat with wood.


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