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I bought a portable Eagle unit many years ago and it came with a suction cup mount for the transducer.  I still use it on jon boats and kayaks.  I have upgraded the unit, but the mount works on the Lowrance units transducers.  May be able to find the same for the Garmin.

Otherwise, Scotty makes one for their rod type mounts.  Swings over the side and adjusts.

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I have an Ocean Kayak and it actually has a cutout in the hull at the bottom of one of the scupper holes big enough for the transducer my small kayak fish finder I have uses.  Then I bought a Lowrance scupper hole transducer mounting kit.  Works pretty well. 

https://www.austinkayak.com/Lowrance-Kayak-Scupper-Transducer-Mount-2021/ACK8561P.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping: ACK PLA&scid=scplp8561_2356_1#

-- Jim

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Really unlimited choices depending on your preference. I was going to add a unit to my yak this summer, and did lots of research. For me, the setup JD mentioned was what i settled on. Easily movable, secure, and no alterations needed. I could move it to any point on the yak. I will still end up doing it this spring im sure. I got a suction cup for my Go-Pro and will alter that to run the ducer on. 

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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