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Little boy talked me into going so we hit Beaver Creek and caught 4 crappie real quick and a smallmouth that gave the little guy a battle. Then we hid from the wind so he could try out his new RC Boat.  We had fun with that for a while and then packed it up.      I went back by myself today and caught 11 crappie.  They were very scattered in open water, i chased around schools of 4 and 5 fish with livescope and would drop on them and catch one or two and then go hunting again, a few came off brush, and almost all were in 25-30ft.  Bite was extremely light using minnows, they would eat it and not move, cant imagine how many i didnt even know bit.  Crappie were all around 11" except one 14.5".  The water column in front of Beaver ramp is absolutely loaded with fish i just dont know what they are, they look small on the graphs and all i caught was one tiny yellow perch out of them





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7 hours ago, Bill Babler said:

Nice trip congrats. Probably if they were up a bit in the water column. Gizzards Shad

That would make sense, they were scattered throughout the water column but none on the bottom and would not react to a bait dropping in front of their face.   Even the 11" crappie were distinctively bigger on the scope. And all the ones i caught were withing a few feet of the bottom

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