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The weights in these tournaments are crazy to me. I can never get into them like that at Beaver. Had a decent day yesterday and got a 5 bass limit but not 20 lbs! Do these guys have brush piles set up everywhere? 

I came back in just before dark last night and a 3.5 lb bass was swimming in circles by the shore at prairie creek. I fizzed it and it swam right off. Hope these guys are taking care of these big fish

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I usually fish from Hickory toward War Eagle and do ok. Maybe 10 pounds ish but I am with you. I can never even think about 20 pounds. 

I went out Sunday and that water looked too dirty to me so I went and fished from 12 bridge back down and I could only buy one fish. I was fishing the jerk bait too much and I knew it. I am sure the jig would have caught me some but I was focused to much on the jerk bait.  

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