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My father-in-law had his done at 83 years young and that was 15 years ago. PT hurt him like heck. 

Mine was uncomfortable, but never really hurt in the least an I'm a big baby.   I think mostly because I worked at it prior to surgery. Good friend Bill Anderson our retired Biologist had his done at COG year before last and he said his hurt worse the day he walked in than thru any of his therapy. 

From what Quill has told me both his and mine both felt better even thru the PT. 

I just got a complete new set of PT today thru Force Therapeutic so we'll see. 

If you have seen the exercise ad for the Mirror or any if the other work out products that's kind of like what I'm doing online. 

Cool Stuff

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As most know I had a total knee replacement about three and a half weeks ago. This was done by Columbia Orthopedic Group in Columbia Mo. They are not affiliated with the university and rated a top 5 o

Surgery took under 2 hours was doing therapy 3 hrs after surgery. Moved to lodge COG Lodge that evening. Short walk down the hall. My wife was my support person and we both stayed in their wonderful l

Prior to therapy or any heavy workout I'd take 2 Tramadol. About 2 hrs before. After workout I would ice. 2 hrs later another Tramadol. This was a preventive to any pain. From the day of the surgery o

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On 2/17/2021 at 11:42 AM, Quillback said:

They told me not to run on it.  Walking is fine, but no running.


On 2/17/2021 at 9:57 AM, DADAKOTA said:

Great news on the new/improved knee Bill.  Looks like my wife will have to go that route.  For you knee replacement folks, will she be able to run again on the new knee?

I had my left knee replaced in 1994 at the ripe old age of 33 and had the plastic parts replaced in 2007. Playing football was not so good to my knees. All that said, I just completed my 29th season of officiating football. I'm no speed demon and move at more of a fast jog than run, but there are occasions that require a full on sprint. The football field is the only place I run though. I prep for football season by walking, elliptical machine, or stationary bike. I also continued snow skiing until just a few years ago, and that was more because my right knee is about worn out now. I've done a lot of things I wasn't supposed to do with no ill affects. I'm not advocating that TKR's go out running and skiing, just that in my case I was able to do these things. My current ortho doc is the son of the ortho that did my original TKR. He's told me TKR surgery is now light years beyond when his dad did my original. He tells me to give him a month notice and he'll have me back on the football field. I had a scope scheduled for back in December(he thinks one more clean out before replacing), but I canceled out due to the uptick in COVID then, and a little paranoia too. I had my left knee scoped in December of '93 and it literally blew apart inside April of '94. I think the bone spurs they shaved off was about the only solid thing left in that knee. I can say that my TKR knee has never been pain free but as y'all can see, I ain't slowed down much. I hope that with all the advancements the right knee replacement will be much easier/painless/quicker recovery. Another thing, I'm hoping that original TKR doesn't need a total revision before I get around to have right knee fixed!  

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Great news about your success, Bill, and yes, it pays to go see the best in cases of major surgery. Donna and I both used Dr. Jason Cook in Tulsa for our kidney cancer and have never once regretted it. If you have good insurance, it costs the same for a hack or a top-shelf surgeon. I'll have the latter, please and thanks. 


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Wall Street Journal. Is a great source. Also American Medicine Journal. Both rate any type of surgery you may need. Problem is finding one of them close to you. 

Also word of mouth by a friend that has had positive experiences. I was lucky. COG top 10 nation wide for orthopedics. And quite a few of my clients and piers had gone there

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