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You could also always swap out the rubber legs for hackle or other feather / fur fibers.  

Purist fly fishermen in Missouri are the fakest people alive. 

Exactly Mike,    Hated to say anything about this. Nothing tougher than making a drift as bait fisherman and tight lining there choice of bait. To each his or her own way of fishing. They really

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Thanks for the input.

When trying to do the right thing to help sustain our wild trout population (Blue Ribbon waters), I'm thinking our primary objective is to maximize probability of successful ''catch and RELEASE".  Therefore, stuff more likely to mouth hook (less likely to be swallowed and gut hooked).

So I'm sensing a thumbs up for my foam beetle and that I don't need to trim off my rubber legs.

Many Thanks.

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3 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

The second you start your thread on the hook shank, you've broken THAT rule.   😏 😅

Yes and no, I consider silk natural, and I use it for some flies.  But I do use synthetic threads frequently, I guess I think of thread as "thread" rather than "materials". And I like a strand of crystal flash here and there. Perhaps I use more synthetics than I thought I do, I'm glad they say "any other material" :)

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