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  • Articulated Hippy Chick

    Phil Lilley

    Rainy's fly designer Steve's original single Hippy Chick has been a popular pattern for a small single streamer for trout and bass, if you downsize the original monster lead eyes (designed for deep drifting under an indicator) to something more castable.

    Well we have finally got around to producing this video for the articulated version, a great 6wt streamer for banging the banks on rivers across the west and south, either from a drift boat or wading.

    There is mucho action built in from the flowing marabou, the wiggly articulated tail and the jiggy weighted head, plus the veiled flash from the palmer chenille internals. It's also relatively snag free riding hook point up. Go throw it into harms way and hold on.

    TMC 8089 #10 x 2

    Tail: Marabou blended (Tan and OIive)

    Flash: Krystal Flash Pearl

    Body Palmer Chennille Olive

    Wing: Select Marabou Feather Tan, Olive

    Connection Marabou 50lb & 2 Dally's Streamer Balls

    Dumbell Eyes/Real Eyes

    Buy The Materials Here https://theozarkflyfisher.com/shop/home/

    Video produced by Brian Wise: Fly Fishing the Ozarks http://flyfishingtheozarks.com/

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