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  • Dally's Tailwater Jig

    Phil Lilley

    Fly patterns tied on jig hooks with oversize tungsten beads have become a mainstay of White River fly fishing since the advent of minimum water flow rates.

    As the heaviest fly in a multi-fly nymph rig the "Euro-style Jigs" work as a camouflaged split shot with the added advantage of a hooking point, to carry lighter nymphs, sowbugs, soft hackles and midges where they need to be.

    Fish these in euro-style or traditional indicator rigs, wading or floating. The wire bodies sink fast, and tied this way are extremely durable.

    FULLING MILL 35045 Jig Force Black Nickel Hook 12 to 18 Tungsten Slotted Bead 3.5mm Nickel

    Wapsi UTC 70 Black Whiting Coq De Leon Fibers

    Wapsi Ultra Wire Brassie Black (2 strands)

    Wapsi Ultra Wire Brassie Silver (1 strand)

    Wapsi SLF Prism Dub Peacock

    Get the materials here https://theozarkflyfisher.com/shop/home/

    Video produced by Brian Wise:

    Fly Fishing the Ozarks http://flyfishingtheozarks.com/

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