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  • Johnsfolly
    I had planned on fishing around Akers Ferry to try for a few more new species for the 2017 season. I had caught two new species, the central stoneroller and the striped shiner, for 2017 at Montauk earlier in the day, I knew that knobfin sculpin were prevalent in that part of the Current river. Last year I had caught southern redbelly dace in a small creek near the Ferry access. So I was confident that we could catch at least a couple of new species on this trip. Livie caught the first knobfin sculpin of the trip, which was her first of this species. Then I caught one as well.

    I would love to say that it was challenging to catch these scuplin, but once we found some they were everywhere. Microfishing to me is not about high numbers, but targeting some new species. We could have caught many more sculpin, but went after darters and minnows instead. Livie caught the first darter, a female rainbow darter.

    We switched rods and I caught my first rainbow darter of the year (4th new species on the day; first fish below). I was surprised that the males still had some of their breeding coloration like Livie's male (second fish).

    We were surrounded by a large school of larger minnows. I caught one of these guys, another central stoneroller.

    They frustrated Livie to no end and she just could not get one to bite again. By this time it was getting really hot (possibly up to the mid 90s). After leaving the river, I still wanted to see if we could catch a southern redbelly dace. unfortunately the creek was just a trickle due to the lack of rain this summer. We had a great day. At the end of this trip, I had caught more different sp[ecies than I have ever done is a given year. I also have caught a larger number of fish in a given year than I ever have before. Yet I feel that there are still many species yet to catch and it may be possible that I may catch many more fish yet this year.

  • aarchdale@coresleep.com
    Went out this morning from 7:30-12:30, would have stayed longer but out of the 4 cranks i tried and the 3 i had trolling only one got bit and i lost it.   Ended up with 3 nice keepers. a 18 3/4, 19 1/2, and a 22 1/4, and aso a short one mixed in.
    Started trolling at 1.7 mph and picked up one real quick, then my trolling batteries died after 1 hour, so i had to fire up the Opti. Trolled between 2.7 and 3.1 and picked up the other 2 keepers and the short. Kept the boat in 27-34 feet of water and my crank would just tick the bottom at 28ft.   All fish were in a quarter mile stretch of each other, wish i could have stayed longer!!!!

  • Dylan Cluver
    Fished my heart out for this one, after looking at the pics, she was caught earlier this week by a guides client. I taped her at 32". I would like to say thank you to the old timers who have passed down a lot of hard earned wisdom to me and my friends in the parking lot and at the pavilion. This fish is a true testament to catch and release, and the work of the MDC. Triploid triploid triploid. Thank you  to the guys with the tape and who walked down after I flashed my light and hollered for them!! 

  • cheesemaster
    I launched at 6:30am and tried a couple different banks that I don't normally fish. I caught 1 that went 14.5" in the first 10 minutes, but it was slow after that. Like I normally do - I started with a black Buzzbait and only had 2 shorts on it. 
    Water temp was77.4 when I put in and it ended up at 76.4 when I left at 1:15pm. Visability was a couple feet.
    I couldn't put much together. I caught a few here and few there. No keepers all day. I fished through the rain that lasted a few hours or more. I put 10 or 12 in the boat. I caught a double on a "deep little N". They were about 6" each. I caught a couple on a Mann's spinner bait, deep little N, rock crawler, buzzbait and a couple on a straight worm.
    I caught my very first Table Rock walleye that went 17". I caught it on a Rock Crawler. That was pretty awesome!!
    I ran across another poisonous snake. Not a good picture and I took a picture of these geese flying right over the top of me. I thought it was pretty cool. 

  • yaknar
    I got out on the river this weekend hoping to catch a few. As I was floating down I saw something floating in the river. The closer I got, I realized what it was. It was surrounded by turtles that were eating it. Everybody loves beef. As for my trip, the river was low....I started out throwing my confidence crankbaits. shallow, mid, deep and almost every other crankbait in my small tackle box and caught a total of 3 fish. Thought maybe its time start a new hobby or quit until next year.. I keep repeating, find the fish and find out what they want. It all changed when I put on a Kalin paddle tail. Right away I caught 3 on about 10 cast, right up against the bank. They were "tight" up against the bank  Something bit off the tail so I put on a J tail grub and ended up having a good day. One picture show the size I was catching and two picture are of the biggest I caught for the day....Released them all, a another great day out on the river.....

  • MOFishwater
    Did our annual work outing @ Blue Springs Ranch yesterday. I'm the only one in the group that does any fishing so it's sort of a different trip than I'm used to but you wont ever hear me complaining about the boss giving us the day off work to go floating. 
    Weather was perfect, river was a bit choked up with all the falling leaves, especially in the slack water areas. We ended up having another canoe tandem head out in front of us and a gaggle of kayaks behind us along with one small raft. We had 5 other canoes in our group so we were not exactly a stealthy bunch, my brother and i quickly settled in at the back of the pack and he kept me in position to make quality casts most of the time.
    Topwater started off quite slow so I was mainly sticking to a fairly heavy Chomper rig in a darker green color and a brown/orange craw rig. The dark green was def the ticket yesterday, ended up with 6 smallies by lunch on Chompers and one that came unbuttoned on the craw. While we stopped on a gravel bar for lunch I was wading and casting to some deeper holes. Had a small largemouth following every cast but not ever taking any pops on the craw...I spent 3 or 4 mins goofing around with it and couldnt irritate it enough to strike. I went over for a sip of my beer and swapped to the chomper rig. The small bass was still finning around in the same spot, so I tossed the chomper out in front of it and it it immediately dove on it and I quickly landed it and threw it back. Kind of funny how a simple color change can make all the difference.
    As the day went on the small whopper plopper started to produce quite a few fish (sorry for not taking a single photo, had my phone in a dry bag and didnt feel like messing with it). I had one big bruiser follow all the way to the boat and come blasting up when I lifted the lure out of the water, wish I could have hooked into that one. Had a number of small fish on the zara spook puppy as well until I lost it and didnt have a backup. Tied on a smaller green plastic popper and it was working more on bluegill than bass but provided a bit of action.
    Normally have a good day with the buzzbaits on that stretch but they just weren't interested in any size or color i had in my limited tackle selection. The leave litter on the water surface made the treble hooks a bit of a pain but the fish seemed stacked up under the spots with lots of leaves so it was worth dealing with. 
    Always a good, easy float from Blue Springs. Close to home and scenic enough to 'get away' for a few hours. Saw a bunch of bald eagles, a very late dropped fawn that was laying about 2 ft off riverbank thinking it's spots were good camo for the dirt I guess, some noisy kingfishers... River never really produces much size for me in that stretch but there's always a good number of fish to be caught if you just want some fun action. Be sure to bring some green/pumpkin plastics and some topwater lures. 

  • Blazerman
    Greetings, though I don’t fish Table rock much I thought I would post a report from my visit over the past few days.
    I just returned from spending 4 days at the Long branch area by the 86 bridge. My wife’s cousin just bought a really nice place there and they were nice enough to let us use it for a few days.
    This was my fourth trip to Table rock and the second time I have brought my boat. The first two times I did not have my boat and didn’t really fish.
    In July I was there for a family reunion when the water temps were close to 90 and had my boat but did not really do much serious fishing. I mostly took some of the younger kids out and we fished with worms and they had fun catching bluegill.  
    I went out a couple mornings with my daughter and caught some fish on the deep points including some decent spots and a very good smallmouth on a HD craw. (Biggest smallmouth in the pics).  But did not really spend a lot of time fishing.
    This time with the water temps in a decent range, (74 to 78) I thought I might find some shallow fish so the plan was to fish each morning and each evening shallow and then go deep in the middle of the day.
    We got a late start on Thursday morning so I went to an island near the place we were staying and started throwing the HD craw again in about 20 -30 foot and once again caught a couple decent smallmouth. (Thanks Arron for the craws).
    Tried a couple other spots and got nothing. When we came back to the dock for lunch everyone was saying how slow it was and how the lake was turning over and the only way to get them was deep, drop shotting night crawlers. So after lunch we bought some night crawlers and headed to some deep points. We caught some small spotted bass and some big bluegill (which we kept) but it was pretty slow.
    Thursday evening I shifted to working the bank and caught some small spots on a spinnerbait and small smallmouth on a crankbait.  I caught the spots mostly close to shore and the smallmouth when I cast out towards schools of baitfish. I noticed there were schools of baitfish everywhere and kept watching for big fish to go after them but did not really see it happen.
    Friday morning we headed out and fished some of the coves. Once again baitfish were everywhere and again I caught some bass working the spinnerbait and my wife picked up some smaller fish on a Ned rig. But it was not fast and furious by any stretch.
    Wife was getting bored with it so we took a long ride over to Indian point and had breakfast at the floating cafe there. In July we stayed at Rock Lane resort so we went over there to fish their cove and saw baitfish breaking everywhere all over in the Rock lane cove and this time there were bigger fish busting them here and there. They were spread out all over so I said to the wife let’s try trolling.
    I tied us up some shallow running jerk baits and started slowly trolling and did not get much and I was getting really frustrated and then a fish busted the surface right ahead of my line and when my bait got to the spot I connected with the fish. And was amazed to catch a 12” smallmouth. I say amazed because we were trolling in depths up to 100 foot and these fish were hitting top water and I did not expect a smallmouth. And that was the only one we got there.
    Friday afternoon I decided the heck with drowning night crawlers and headed back to the bank with the spinnerbait. And I finally got into some good fish including the one big bass in the pic. Caught about 12 over all included 3 more chunky keeper spotted bass. All the bass were released.
    Saturday and Sunday morning worked the same way except the wife was using the drop shot with the crawlers and picked up some catfish which we cleaned.
    For me all the decent bass came on the spinnerbait close to laydowns. Also caught a few on top water right at sunrise.
    We ended up with a nice bag of filets thanks to the catfish and perch.
    Table rock is truly one beautiful place to fish. Can’t wait to go again.

  • Phil Lilley

    Generation lately has been anyone's guess.  According to the SPA online forecast, they're supposed to run about one unit for an hour late evening every day but that's not been very accurate.  They're been running water starting about noon - 1 p.m. and off by 8 p.m..  They are running 2-4 units, 100 megawatts at about 707 feet.  Lake temperature remains about 58 degrees.
    So the water has been off from 8 p.m. till the next mid day giving fly fishers a chance to fish below the dam as well as other parts of the lake.  Tim Homesley fished a couple of mornings last week and "was impressed" at the number, size and quality of our trout.  Tim owns Tim's Fly Shop near Roaring River State Park.  He said his best fly was a chammy worm which is basically a San Juan tied with a thin slice of shammy cloth.  Some people use it on a small jig head.  I've been told the best way to work either a shammy or mega worm (white) is let it go to the bottom and move it, keeping it in sight.  And when it disappears, set the hook because it's probably in a fish's mouth.

    Other flies have been small (#20-22) gray scuds, cracklebacks (#16), P&P or rusty Zebra Midge (#18), foam beetles and ants and black or olive wooly buggers (#16).  Also brown or olive sculpins have been catching fish too.  Even some bass have been hooked below the dam fishing streamers.

    I've done pretty good fly fishing, using a red Zebra Midge (#16) under an indicator 3-4 feet deep, fishing from the Narrows down to Fall Creek when the water is off, 6x tippet.

    Below Fall Creek, the pink Berkley's power worm is STILL king!  It's amazing how well this bait has worked for so long.  Almost all our guides fish it because it works!!  Steve Dickey has been parked 200 yards above our dock for a couple of weeks each morning with his clients catch rainbow after rainbow.  He stays in the shade of the bluff until his trip is over about 10:30 a.m..  Even during the day in bright sunlight, it works.
    Buster Loving reported his clients caught over a hundred rainbows on spoons (Cleo 1/8th ounce) in the Branson Landing area a couple of days ago.  It was a fish on every cast, he said.
    Night crawlers and PowerBaits still are catching trout too.  Again, we haven't seen much of any slow-downs this season.  I believe it's because of the warmer water.  Our fish are more active and need to feed most of the time to keep their strength.  This also helps the food base, minnows, sculpins and bugs.

    This is a picture of the gravel flat at the Narrows above Fall Creek.  At low water, there's more exposed gravel than ever before.

  • cheesemaster
    I put in 30 minutes before daylight and started to catch a few right after the sun came out. I was throwing my favorite - a black Buzzbait. I was getting hits every 10 minutes or so, so I stuck with it. I didn't hook up but every 3rd or so strike. I had 2 keepers on it. Lost a nice 4ish at the boat while I was trying to get my net free. 
    I threw a shad colored 2.5 with only 1 fish, and I caught a handful of shorts on the rock crawler. Over all it was pretty slow with 12 fish total in the boat. Water temp was 78 when I put in. I only fished 45 degree chunk rock banks. I should have tried other methods but didnt. 
    Check it out Vernon - smiles!!!

  • rps
    As many of you know, Eureka Springs hosts event weekends -> Corvette weekend, Beetle weekend, Alcoholic Anonymous weekend (the local tavern keepers tell me that is one of their better weekends), several diversity weekends annually, Blues weekend, and so on. Evidently, without my being aware of it, they have started a new one. Based on the evidence I saw this morning, it must be called the North American Regatta for the Under Endowed with Really Big Boats (NARUERBB). I was off the lake before 11 AM.
    I fished the back of Leatherwood with top water and Ned this morning for nearly two hours. The annual pattern has not yet set up, although the cove was full of baitfish. The water back there was 77 degrees. After that I fished for walleye. I missed a couple of bites, caught a 19 inch fish and also picked up a keeper spot. I was fishing a channel break in 25 feet of water with a crawler harness. The temperature on the main lake was 79 degrees.

  • "eyes"haveit
    Went out Saturday for 4 hrs and let me tell you it was tough. Bottom bounced for a while and managed 2 catfish, several drum, a 14 " LM. and fed the rest of the worms to the Bluegills. Switched over to trolling Shad Raps and flicker baits managed 5 crappie 2 more small LM and 2 short walleye. Lots of boats out there.


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