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  • rps
    Hello, my name is Randy and I am a fishing addict.
    Despite all the reasons NOT to go out this morning, I went out of HI at 10 AM. I will have kids in the Classroom on Monday, and I had the urge to fish before then. As I idled to the no wake buoy I noted fish at 20 feet with bait above them. I added that to reports that others have posted recently.  I decided to troll a crank at 20' to start. In three hours I had five fish on. Three came unbuttoned before I could get them in the boat. One, a bass, was foul hooked and shook off on a jump. Two others that behaved like walleye, got off when they hung me in brush or trees. I netted  the other two.
    All hit an original series wiggle wart in firetiger trolled in water between 19 and 21 feet deep with 150 feet of 10/2 braid out from the rod tip at 1.8 to 2.0 mph. All hits came as the bait ricocheted off the bottom or trees and changed speed - reaction bites.
    My Lund is a very safe boat, but it is only 16.5 feet long and made of aluminum. By 1:00 PM it was no longer safe to be amongst the tube towers, the wakeboarders, and the slow cruisers not quite on plane.
    Be safe everyone!

  • merc1997
    well, it has been here and gone, and things will change once again, but this past full moon cycle was pretty darn good for catching lots of bass.  out of the last 4 trips a total of 48 keepers were boated.  one bass over 5, a few 4 lb. range and several 3 lbers.  plenty of shorts in the mix also.  so, there was plenty of fairly constant action.
    3/4 GrassJig has done most of the damage, but we have caught several on a 1 oz. Elite bladed jig we have been tinkering with.  bass have been relating to points quite a bit, and steep of flat will both produce provided they match up with the depth the bass want to be.  yep, some of these places are out in the nose bleed section.  meaning you are about 4 long casts to the bank.  a certain depth of water is just the same right close to the bank or a quarter mile out in the lake.
    some bass have set up residence in 25 ft. of water and in some areas of the lake, there will be many more follow.  weather will be a major factor and area of the lake will be a factor as to whether the local population moves out deeper or shallower.  there will be some areas that will contain both shallow bass and the deeper ones that are following the thermocline.
    will be interesting to see what the next moon cycle will bring.

  • JD Dudley
    Been several years since I've gotten to get up there during the summer.  Got to take my son and one of his friends on Friday and was NOT disappointed!  Got on the water at 10:30 with 2 units running, then they turned it up to 3 at noon.  Pulled off the water at 3:30...
    Made one run multiple times throughout the day which was from the line at the dam down to the ramp using 1/16 ounce homemade jigs at 2 units, then 3/32 & 1/8 at 3 units... 1/8 worked better at 3 because the fish would hardly come off the bottom.  Was really surprised at the lack of clarity of water but could still see the bottom when the sun was just right.  Caught a lot of them by sight fishing them, but most were caught blind jigging.  We caught them on both banks and in the middle on the run we were making
    Got to see my son keep up with the old man as far as numbers go which was fun to watch him try to catch me.  He's real close to hammerin down on me, but for now, I've got my bluff in on him!
    Ended up catching 84 rainbows in those 5 hours with the biggest being 21, 19, and 18 inch rainbows (most were between 13-16 inches).  Didn't catch a brown all day which kinda surprised me, but did catch 2 white bass which didn't surprise me considering we absolutely smashed them below bull shoals a few weeks ago... never seen so many fish with "dam" scrapes on their sides!
    Overall, just a fun day fishing!!

  • top_dollar
    Fished with the family out of kimberling city a few hours thursday and friday morning.  Water temp was low to mid 80s, thermocline about 20 foot or so.  Found bass, bluegill, and 2 keeper walleye suspended 15-20ft down in 150-200fow over structure.  Crawlers worked best.  Couldnt get fish to eat a spoon or keitech.....but they bit worms readily even though the ones we were catching were spitting shad less than 2 inches long.
       Also found bass and bluegill on a gravel runnout just off the bottom.  Caught a few smallies, with 1 good keeper with a 16th oz jig and small craw imitation.  Crawler worked best though.  Very typical pattern for this time of year.  Didn't get a chance to troll crankbaits but that would also work quite well im sure.

  • abkeenan
    Found fish scattered for the most part. Didn't fish beyond 35 feet because I didn't feel like going the spoon or drop shot route. Brother and I picked up one here, one there, when beating the bank. If fish were bunched up they were right on breaks and roll offs that have that sudden 10-15 foot drop. Usually big flats or pockets adjacent to those drop offs is where we found them.  Mainlake transition points type locations produced most. There is a definitive thermocline set up from 22-25ish feet in spots in the dam area. Big fish of the trip was the 4 pounder (1st pic) early in the AM that came off said roll off in that thermoclish depth on a 10" straight tail worm on stand-up head. Weather was a real BEAR this weekend. Mostly due to the nonstop winds that persisted on into the night on Saturday. Had a hot spot going in a location like I mentioned above but could not stay on it with the wind like it was. Had to leave them biting as fighting the troller at night became too much. Tried a crank, popper and jerkbait at certain times throughout the trip and didn't get a sniff on any. All fish came on bottom baits. Mainly a 1/2oz NuTech Elite jig with a full brush hog or paca chunk or big shakeyhead worms. Had quite a few short strikes on the full brush hog but at the same time did get more bites than the smaller profile of the paca chunk for whatever reason.  In certain spots it was hard to keep the blue gill off your junk. About the least amount of fishing pressure I've seen around the dam area in quite some time. Had any mainlake point I wanted this weekend which was refreshing. Not sure if the weather kept people (both fishermen and pleasure boaters) at bay or what but I will NOT complain. Too short of a trip, but it always is.
    Good luck out there, stay safe and tight lines.

  • shark bait
    Got on the water about 2, got to my first spot and it started raining about 5 minutes after I got there. It was windy at the time so threw a crank. Nothing. SB, nothing. Tied on a small rapala jerk/slash bait and cought 5 small ones. Moved to a couple places and caught 3 or 4 more. The sun came out and couldn't get a bite. Went to the mouth of Panther Creek. Cought one on the slash bait when a school surfaced briefly and my first keeper on a jig with a paca craw trailer in 8 ft of water off a log. Headed back toward HI and caught another keeper on the jig in 12 ft. Went down the bluff bank and fished a tree that had the hole top in the water. Caught another keeper, three shorts and lost one all in the same tree. Got off the water about 8:30.
    Never seen as many ski boats and wake makers on the upper end as I did yesterday. There were a couple of times I  just sat it down and idled, the waves were coming from all directions.

  • Bill Babler
    Got out really early and to my surprise had a fantastic top water morning on the Fin. Stayed after 1 huge school of fish from 5:45 till 9:30.  They would come up and go down. I used a Real Image spoon in1/2 oz. when the would disappear.  Also caught a bunch using a 3/16 oz. ball head and a smoke pepper Chompers C-tail swimming it deep
    Lots of Whites mixed in with a combo of LM and K's. No brown fish. Only about 1/2 dozen keeps and nothing big, but man they were just slamming that Smokey Joe
    Shad were 1/2 inch thread fin. Really small and they were just choking them
    good Luck

  • bobby b.
    Got out for a couple hours early this morning. I haven't been for a while due to the heat and other pressing matters.  Found fish pretty much bunched up at 20 ft in 28 fow in one particular spot on a long gravel run out.  Caught several, mostly keepers using drop shot and nightcrawlers.
    But here is the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say:
    A guy showed up with two young kids and noting that I was catching a few and that I was working hard to stay in one spot with the waves and wind (I need one of those Spot Lock trolling motors), he began to troll in circles around me at about 20 ft. distance, apparently trying to see what I was seeing on the graph.  Occasionally I would would drift off the spot while retying and he would move in trying to find the spot.  Finally he asked how I was doing and I asked him "if those were his grandsons and if he was teaching them how to fish" and he said Yes.  I responded indicating that was very nice but told him he had the an opportunity to teach them something else and he said what was that and I responded that he "could teach them common courtesy and fishing etiquette".  He responded "am I too close and messing up your graph signal" .  I indicated that if you think our graphs are interfering with each other that should tell you something.   YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.  ALL IN ALL A GOOD MORNING.  WEATHER WAS GREAT AND VERY FEW BOATS OUT UNTIL ABOUT 9 AM.

  • Quillback

    Today I made myself throw a square bill and tried hard not to pick up the dragging baits.  Stuck with the SB for about three hours, starting at daylight.  Didn't catch many, but got 5, all largemouth, 2 were keepers.  They all came on main channel chunk rock banks, up shallow.  When I am by myself throwing SB's or other cranks, I'll position my boat parallel to the bank and throw down the bank from the bow, trying to keep the bait running near the bottom, kicking off cover.
    Caught about a 3 foot gar on the SB also.
    Caught another 3 or so on the Trick worm, one was a keeper smallie.  Smallie was an accidental "deadstick" fish.  Had a hard rain shower hit me about halfway through my retrieve, put the rod down, put on my rain coat, picked up the rod, reeled in the slack and he was there.  Fortunately he didn't swallow it.
    Sun came out about 10 AM and that shut them down, I fished until 11 AM but did not get a bite after 10.   The wake boat navy was also making its appearance so it was time to go.
    Surface temp was down to 83.


  • Phil Lilley
    First time I've been up lake since they fixed Powersite Dam and the water's been off.  We boated by the crew pulling the last car out of the lake, or at least the last car that anyone has seen.  There could be more but it's either in a deeper hole or covered with gravel, probably the former.
    First impression:  The water is deeper than I thought it would be.  Back when the lake was dropping below normal pool because the spill side of Powersite had broken sections of the gates (in the down position) letting the level of Taneycomo drop lower than normal, the water was much shallower at the Narrows.  I liked it too!  I still do, just can't wade it like I thought I would be able to.
    We ran the boat up on the shoals and dropped the anchor.  Got out and started casting to deeper water.  I tied on a #18 red Zebra but after a couple of casts I switched to a meaty scud... cause I just wanted to catch big trout!  That's what normally happens - a scud does catch bigger trout.
    I set the float about 5-6 feet deep, fishing 3-4 feet of water, 6x tippet and a #12 gray scud tied on a 200R hook.  It was also weighted - about 7 turns of .015 lead.
    There was slight current moving down lake and the wind blew just a little from 3 directions.  I let the scud drag the bottom, switching it occasionally. The bite was mostly light, but had 2 or 3 rainbows take it and ran.
    I caught 4 real pretty, nice rainbows before I turned the video camera on.  Then came the dinks... and one really nice rainbow.  Didn't move at all - fishing the same spot.  Saw a couple of trophies swim by too.
    Started at 9:20 and quit at 11:00 a.m..  I think I'll go back!


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