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Bassin on my b day

I survived another year of crazy... Saturday we woke up, had some breakfast and then hit basspro for a bit to pick up a new hoodie wife bought me.  Grabbed some more soft plastics while we were there to go beat on the bass again.

Got a late start but my older two daughters still have the fish whispering down pat and the oldest hooked up on her first cast.  Followed by my middle one shortly after.  Nothing huge, but makes me proud they are catching all on their own, and fishing by feel too which for me took way longer to really get the hang of when I was young.

It was about 90 so they didn't last too long.  Wife and kids headed in and I got a few hours of quiet time to chase them on my own.  Caught a couple solid fish and saw a big ol girl that would probably go 6lbs easy in the back end of the pond.

I will say I'm starting to be a true believer in HUK gear.  I have a few fishing shirts to keep the sun off me, but I picked up their vented hoodie and it's just a great clothing item I wish I would of found sooner.  Was hot in direct sun, but had a breeze and I stayed nice and cool even with my hood up to protect my bald head lol.

My dad had 9 spots on his hands and arms burned of recently so I am trying to be more cautious when out in the sun.

Overall was a great day too spend with the wife and kiddos.  






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