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Hello Beaver Lake... It’s been a minute...

Geez...   Beaver hasn’t changed since leaving it in late July...  Lot of water out there...  Hopefully it’ll get right at some point...

Haven’t crappie fished on Beaver in about 4 or so months...  It’s become routine through the past few years to go to other lakes until December... Suckers live shallow on these lakes and just addicted to catching them that way...  It’s a grind every time but its worth the work for the quality. 

Yesterday got started about 12pm and fish till dark.  Just going on past experience of where to go and just see what happens...  Wasn’t expecting much, just wanted to locate crappie.  After getting set up, made one pass and caught four keepers.  They were just squeakers on the legal size.  Gave em back..  Other than those it was just catching dinks...  Flipped the boat around and said let’s go on shallower to find bigger fish...  More of a water level I’m usually catching them in this time of year...  Usually in the past it’s 6-7 feet but that’s in the bushes right now...  Went from fishing in 20-22 feet to about 14-12 and about 6-8 feet down and started slowly getting into them then...  Took home seven good ones that’ll make good tacos come Tuesday...

Somewhat successful trip...  Never fished this lake this high this time of year.  Having to adjust and find that right water...  Anyway got something to go on for next time and It’ll get better...

God bless, God Fishing

Second to last pic below is of yesterday catch and then the past few months...  Sorry pic overload..  Trying fit 4 months of fishing 














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