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Indian Creek - Dam area 11/1

Launched at 1030, fished until 5 PM.  It was tough, fished a spinnerbait and cranks in the coves off Indian Creek, all I had to show for it was one scrawny keeper largemouth that hit the spinner bait.  Tons of shad back in the coves and in the main channel too.  Seemed like about every cast there would be shad skittering around that were spooked by the spinnerbait.  Water back in Indian is a nice stained green and with the high water, lots of brush and trees to fish around.  The bass didn't seem to be active however, maybe the bluebird sky had them sulking.

Later in the afternoon I fished the rocky banks and points out in the main basin by the dam with a Ned rig.  Caught a half dozen smallmouth in the 12-15" range.  Fish were out in about 10 FOW.  Quite a few shad around there too.  Water is a bit stained, maybe 5 feet of visibility.  Saw what looked to be a few stripers briefly come up after shad, but other than that didn't see any striper activity.  Saw only one boat fishing for them.

Lots of shad, good water color, WT was around 61.  Things should bust loose soon.


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1 hour ago, Bigfishes1 said:

Well....we got Beavered today Had 3 stripers blow up and knock my bait around but didn’t hook up a single time. We were in em several times but did not catch a single one. Didn’t bass at all this morning. Maybe it’ll improve after this cold weather moves thru....probably chase em again this weekend. 

I wish I had gone today, weather forecast scared me away, but it didn't really rain much today.  Might be out there this weekend myself.

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