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May 20, Indian Creek

Got to the launch just as it was getting light, cold and a bit breezy out.  Went looking for top water striper activity and did not find much at all.  Had a few blowups close by and caught a hybrid that went about 4 lbs., but after that saw just a couple of isolate blowups.  Did some motoring around all the way to Clifty looking for stripers, never did find any.  

So, fell back to plan B and started fishing for bass, threw the c-rig for a bit, caught a few smallies on it, tried the Ned for a while, caught a couple on it, finally fell back on the 3.3 Keitech and found some fish on a cove bank that had some docks.  The fish were either around a dock or off the bank in 5-10 FOW.  Caught 15 bass, 3 were keeper sized smallies.  

Dark clouds were beginning to loom, so I left around 1 PM.

WT 71, water is stained green pretty much all around the dam area.


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Quill, I bet that was fun on top. Since they no longer are stocking hybrids, nice to find one. I've not caught one for 2 years. Great fish but they really did pound on the crawfish base. Interesting to see how the balancing attempts play out. Not finding much striper action mid lake at all.  

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I thought the hooks on the 125 were a tad small, but they have not been a problem with stripers at all.  They are super sharp, haven't had very many fish come off once they get hooked.

Don't have any of the 105's.

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