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No bait... No problem... They’ll bite a plain hook 😂

Second time in my life that’s happened..

Got out briefly yesterday after church.  Basically got a short hall pass😂

Didn’t expect much.  Been several days since on the water.  Just wanted to go wet a line and catch a fish.  

Right away it was on after setting my second rod in the holder.  Never could get all rods completely out😂. Stayed like that for about an hour but, the thing was I was getting dinked crazy.  

Usually I go underneath them and to the bottom but, they were throughout the water column.    

So, just made the best of the conditions and pilfered through what I could keep on limited time.

Water clarity....  Is perfect...  WT 53 degrees.  

Ended with 8...  More rain and cold coming this weekend...🙄  

God Bless.  

Pics below...   Yes that’s considered a slab😁




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