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Stripers are on top

Put the boat in the water at Indian creek about 7 AM, I could see top water striper activity right out in front of the ramp.  My plan today was to fish for black bass, but seeing those stripers made me change my plans.  My one regret is not getting there 45 minutes earlier before it got light.  

Anyway got after them, throwing,  targeting the ones I would see breaking water.  Did a lot of chasing, they are spooky, the water is clear, and the shad they are chasing are small.  A lot of times they would not go after my topwater (Evergreen Shower Blow 135), but once in a while one would blow up on it.  And I mean explode, that's most of the fun, just seeing those big pops.  I boated one that was in the 10-12 lb. range, a couple of 3 lbers and a couple of spotted bass.  

Missed several, had one knock the lure about 3 feet in the air, came after it again once it hit the water, missed it, then after I walked the bait about 10 feet it blew up on it again and missed.  Had another one pop it twice and miss both times.  Had a couple of brief hook ups also.  It kept me pretty entertained for about 2 hours then it shut down.

There was another guy out there who looked to be doing the same thing I was doing and I saw him boat 2 stripers.

Went back into Indian once the top water bite died to try for some bass - had two bites on a swing head with a Menace Grub and that was it.  I quit about 11 AM.

WT right at 60 degrees.


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1 hour ago, Dan the fisherman said:

Ended up with two this morning, a third one broke me off in a tree.  The one in the pic went home with me.  It was a bit colder today and more wind.  Still had a good morning though. 

Cool - kinda makes me wish I had gone out today.  Were they on top?

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Good job, guys. Donna and I went last Sunday and caught some bass on spinnerbaits and jigs, then we ran into some nice whites schooling at the mouth of the ramp pocket at Rocky Branch as we were about to load up. Caught a few of them on topwater and swim bait. 

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