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Dan the fisherman
Dan the fisherman

Top water striper

I got out Friday early morning looking for some top water action.  It was misty outside and cool with little to no wind.  I knew they would go top somewhere, just didn’t know where.  I look looked in pockets mostly and points but mostly pockets.  After about 1 1/2 hrs of  searching I found them.   At first they weren’t busting hard they were more like rolling on the surface.   As the morning went by they became more aggressive and actually started busting.  Funny thing is, I couldn’t get one to bite a top water plug.  They were very smart.  What I ended up doing was running free lines and casting hair jigs at them.  I hooked 3 on the hair jig and landed two, also hooked 2 on the free lines and landed 1.   The bite shut down pretty fast.  Lasting only about 20-30 min.  But I was really happy to see the conditions improving and seeing fish on top.  A couple of more weeks and it may be really good, I’m excited to see what develops.  Anyways, good luck out there fellas and stay safe.  Btw water temp was 46 



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If it makes a hard mud line fishing should be great.  The rains will also  warm the water pretty fast.  I’m optimistic about it.  I hope we don’t get completely blown out like in previous years though. Rain is good, just not all at once. 

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