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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley
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Bucktails for Stripers

Size: 1- to 4-ounce


Day, White, White with Red, White with Blue, White with Green.

Night, Black, Black and Purple, Red and Purple, Purple and Glow Head White.

When to use them?

When stripers are in shallow water 15ft and less on flats, cast them out and slow swim them back to you near the bottom occasionally gently lifting your rod tip up and down.

When stripers are surface feeding, Cast them right to the fish and reel them as fast as you can.

Trolling them, this is when I will add a swim tail to them and troll them 100-yards behind the boat using different head sizes for depth control.

Jigging, Depending on current or drift speed I use from a 1oz on a no wind no drift boat to a 4oz on a good wind or drift. They key is short snaps of the rod tip no more than 18 inches and position it 2ft above where you mark them on your sonar. I suggest setting sensitivity high so you can see the bait in relation to the fish. Stripers will feed up. Now if they are on the bottom pop it on the bottom 6 inch snaps like a wounded fish and they will go down to get it.

I really suggest buying the Jig-heads and make your own it’s a lot of fun and you can experiment with colors Never know when you will come across a color for the lake you are on that is a hot producer. Also Bass and Flat-heads like them so don’t be surprised to get one of them.

Finally Use a shock leader. When I use the 3 and 4oz size I always tie on a 2ft section of 50 lbs shock leader. The repeated casting and a big fish can be tough on line not to mention the take on a cast and retrieve could easily break you off.

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