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David Goddard
David Goddard

Fall is Here!!! Biggin's are Biting!!! 9-13-19

Ran up the Gravois and fished some of everything from noon-6:45ish (Friday the 13th with the full moon.) Many people would probably call it junk fishing. We fished main lake points shallow and deep, secondary points, shallow docks, deep docks, backs of pockets and steep shaded banks; caught fish on all of them. Justin caught a 5 pounder and I caught a 5.5 pounder on back to back casts. His came on a jig and mine came on a worm. Those fish came off of a dock. We fished some shallow wood and caught keepers on squarebills, chatterbaits, and jigs. There was shad in the backs of pockets but all of the shad that we saw were the small ones like 2-3 inches and there really wasn't a ton of it back there yet. Mostly isolated balls. Nothing like what you see on the main lake on the lower-end. We did see some big shad on the main lake schooled up but almost all the fish we caught out there weren't very big. I think the fish that we caught shallow could've been feeding on bluegill but that's just a guess. Justin tied that jig skirt on an Omega jig head and I think it definitely looks pretty sweet. Anyways, we had 8 keepers on the day and about 17.5 lbs for our best 5. It was a fun day all in all. Caught fish on top water once the shadows got long. I'm heading up the Niangua's tomorrow to try if I can replicate it. we will see! Good luck to everyone fishing the BFL Super today and tomorrow. I hope we didn't sore-mouth your fish and if we did we put them right back lol. Tight lines everyone.




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