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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley

2017 Taneycomo Electro-Shock Survey Report

Every year, the Missouri Department of Conservation takes a sample of the fish in Lake Taneycomo by electro-shock to see how the trout are fairing.  The following are this year's findings.

2017 Lake Taneycomo Sampling Study

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Any word from the MDC guys whether this info is good, bad, to be expected?  Wold like to know the thoughts on the outcome from the MDC guys.  

The graphs tell a great story from my ability to read and put them together, but wondering if this lines up with the MDC's expectations of the program they are running.

Thanks for sharing with us.

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This is my take...

Last year, I was surprised at the results.  It was better than I thought - we weren't seeing the quality trout then but the survey said different.

This year is the exact opposite.  We're seeing a lot of good quality rainbows, and now browns.  But the survey says it's not so good.

You have to take these reports with a grain of salt.  Fish move.  I think the more mature fish get out of the way of the shock boat.  Some of the bigger fish can run through the field but keep going and not be captured.

The study is helpful to MDC because this is one tool they use to manage the lake.

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Phil is correct. They have a hard time sampling the bigger fish. The field only goes so deep, and the big ones often flee ahead of the boat. Have sampled with MDC before.

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