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Travis Swift
Travis Swift

learning to fly fish.....questions

I bought my first fly rod last night (9ft 5wt as recommended from members on here).  It was an expensive one on sale that came spooled with the line and leader attached.  I also grabbed some 7x Seaguar Fluorocarbon tippet that I'm going to attach to the leader.  How long of a tipped do I need to tie on the leader?  My plan is to fish a PJ's sculpin/peach 1/125th ounce jig and float to start with on this trip and see how that goes.  I will be fishing it from a boat the whole time, forgot to mention that.  I also attempted to tie my own mega worms which I might try out as well.  I'm going to stop at Lilleys and grab a few flys......what are good ones to start with?  Also how do you tie a tandem or dropper rig when you guys fish 2 at a time.  Do you just tie the second fly off from the hook bend of the first one?  I thought about tying some sort of tandem midge or a midge off the jig etc.   Thanks in advance everyone. 

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Yes I have read most of those. They are great info! Just had those last specific questions. I'm know I'm probably getting annoying.... It sure is nice to have an active Taney forum going though.  For some of us this forum is all we got to get us thru several months at at time before we can get back :)

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