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Brian Shaffer
Brian Shaffer

Leggy Foam Ant (Sz 16)

I started tying this pattern some time ago. To me it is all about the legs.

Bill Skilton makes the legs. Ant / Beetle legs. I use the Reg size in black, brown, or green.

Just yesterday I added the little yellow dot. Make sure to glue the top and bottom to hold the legs.

I use Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails.

Recipe :

Hook - sz 16 TMC 100SPBL

Thread - black or brown or red 8/0

Body - cylinder foam in black or brown to match size of ants

Legs - Skilton's Ant / Beetle legs, Reg size in black, brown or green

Optional yellow dot - yellow foam sliced thin and glued to top




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   I didn't fish an ant on the Current this week. Only because I didn't have any with sighters and I was having a lot of fun with the hoppers but several times I had ants crawling on me after holding a limb for stability and laying my vest down during a break. Definitely, have to put them to work.


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I like the yellow dot on the back. Makes them a lot easier to see. I tied some up for a Colorado trip a couple year ago and found that once they were on the water the totally vanished. When I got home I added a white dot to the back and it makes them easier to see floating on the water. 

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