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JD Dudley
JD Dudley

Friday, August 4... FUN FISHING!!

Been several years since I've gotten to get up there during the summer.  Got to take my son and one of his friends on Friday and was NOT disappointed!  Got on the water at 10:30 with 2 units running, then they turned it up to 3 at noon.  Pulled off the water at 3:30...

Made one run multiple times throughout the day which was from the line at the dam down to the ramp using 1/16 ounce homemade jigs at 2 units, then 3/32 & 1/8 at 3 units... 1/8 worked better at 3 because the fish would hardly come off the bottom.  Was really surprised at the lack of clarity of water but could still see the bottom when the sun was just right.  Caught a lot of them by sight fishing them, but most were caught blind jigging.  We caught them on both banks and in the middle on the run we were making

Got to see my son keep up with the old man as far as numbers go which was fun to watch him try to catch me.  He's real close to hammerin down on me, but for now, I've got my bluff in on him!

Ended up catching 84 rainbows in those 5 hours with the biggest being 21, 19, and 18 inch rainbows (most were between 13-16 inches).  Didn't catch a brown all day which kinda surprised me, but did catch 2 white bass which didn't surprise me considering we absolutely smashed them below bull shoals a few weeks ago... never seen so many fish with "dam" scrapes on their sides!

Overall, just a fun day fishing!!

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