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Great Trip Out of Lilley's

Couldn't think of a better way to christen my boat than a trip to Taneycomo and fishing out of Lilley's for a few days. Boat ran great and was able get experience with it in some different conditions, such as loading it for the first time in the pouring rain this morning :huh:. Was entertaining my aunt and uncle so mainly bait fished from Fall Creek to past the landing over 2 1/2 days. Fishing was tough at times. Wind blowing boat one direction and current taking line the opposite direction.  Thursday afternoon produced the best fishing overall. Boat had two 16" rainbows near Short Creek. Chartruese or pink power eggs worked best. Lightest drift rig or split shot with #10 hook worked the same.  Friday and Saturday everyone caught at least two fish, but overall slow compared to many other trips of the past. Saturday afternoon things picked up ahead of the storm. 65 bridge to the landing was quite good from 4-6pm on white gulp eggs. While "guiding" had a chance to throw spoons and a few crankbaits for just a little while with no luck. As far as bait fishing goes, the number of fish was somewhat disappointing, but we caught really nice fish. I will take the quality over the quantity. Had some good fights on the ultra lights.  Numerous 13-15" fish with some girth. Only a couple were stocker size. Nightcrawlers produced zero bites/fish. Also, saw a few being caught from the dock each evening.

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