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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley

Lake Taneycomo report - January 22

We had a change in generation/flood gates the other day that dropped the flow from 20,000 to 15,000 cubic feet per second of water -- which was a good thing.  Table Rock dropped below the magic 920 feet mark, so the U.S. Corps of  Army Engineers closed off most of the water coming over the spill gates.  I don't know the exact flow of water coming over the gates, but the water coming through the turbines has varied from 9,000 to 13,000 c.f.s. daily.  The lake level dropped about 18 inches here at the resort, and the flow is much slower, although it's still fairly swift.Inline image 1

The threadfin shad that were coming over the spill gates have all but stopped, but the fish are still looking for them.  Fishing pressure in the trophy area has been pretty heavy the last couple of days -- they've seen a lot of white jigs.  Some of our guides have been switching over to dark jigs -- as the white bite diminishes -- and have done well.

Below Fall Creek, drifting and getting bait, flies and lures to the bottom has been the key.  Bait:  Gulp Eggs in, yes, white has done pretty well with chartreuse right behind it.  Minnows and night crawlers should be good, too.  Flies:  White shad fly, of course, Mega Worm (white yarn San Juan Worm), #12 gray scud, and white wooly.  I'd also try other colors of San Juan Worms and scuds, too.  Lures:  White jig, of course, and I'd suggest a small, floating silver stick bait such as a F-5 Rapala.

The wind was wicked today, coming out of the north.  Rather than pinpoint the best areas to fish, I'm going to say you should target areas with the least amount of wind.  You could find other areas where the fish are bunched up and hungry, but if you can't get your bait or lure to them with the proper presentation, you're not going to catch them.  Wind really hurts your presentation, in most cases, so I suggest finding an area on the lake where the wind isn't as bad.

Guys cleaning trout Friday evening  said most of their fish were full of shad, but some were full of scuds.

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Thanks for the report Phil. Coming down wed and staying thru sunday. I spent about 20 dollars yesterday at Bass Pro on various sizes of white jigs!! I figured everything would change about the time we got down there. "Should have been here yesterday!" is a remark i have heard over and over in my fishing years! Oh well, we will have fun. You know the old saying, "a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work!!"

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That makes me feel better Phil. Looks like some nice trout caught in the Masters tournament. Fat and healthy. Like me!! Looks like we will catch some decent weather. 50's and 60's into the weekend. My first stop after launching the boat is your place Phil. Get some advice and buy a few jigs. 

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