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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley

Lilley's Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report, January 14

One big rain and we're back to big generation here on Lake Taneycomo.  Beaver Lake jumped 4 feet to 1125 feet while Table Rock rose to 919.9 feet.  Both lakes were almost down to their seasonal power pool.

Right now, they are releasing a little bit of water from Beaver and releasing water at Table Rock to the tune of 15,000 cubic feet per second.  That's a little more than if they were running 4 full units but they are only running 3 turbines along with 5 flood gates opened 1-foot each.  At Beaver, my app says there's one gate open one foot at 970 c.f.s..

We are going to see this flow from Table Rock all this week and probably into the weekend with more continuing at 3 units when they get Table Rock down a little.  If they do the same thing as previously, we're going to see 3-unit-water for several weeks.

Fishing was tough over the weekend because the upper lake was still feeling the affects of Friday night's rain.  The lake Saturday was pretty dirty, and when the cloudiness cleared up, anglers had to still deal with leaves and sticks flowing in from feeder creeks.  By Monday, the lake was free of stuff and very fishable.

There's only really one thing you must do to catch a trout now and that is to be on the bottom.  That's where the fish are holding up.  That and in eddies along the bank.

And they are biting and can be caught.  Guide Steve Dickey put 2 of his clients on big trout already.


Randy from St. Louis landed this 28” 10.5lb. drifting a Bomber on the bottom in the trophy area.


Steve from St. Louis Caught this beautiful 26 inch brown on a #14 gray scud using 6x tippet.

Yeah!  Both browns!  All of a sudden they're showing up which is cool.

So whether you're fishing a gray scud, cerise San Juan worm, a stick bait, a Bomber, night crawler, minnow or PowerBait, get it on the bottom and drift away.

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