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snagged in outlet 3

Vacation Trip Report

Got to Cooper at 6 am.  Heavy fog and then thunder and quick light rain.  Slowly made my way upstream in the fog.  Boats scattered around fishing.  35 megawatts till  9 or so and then they ramped it up to 150 when I left   

Threw the jerk till noon.  No fish caught after 10:30.  Had around 10 to the boat, rolled another 15 or so and had at least that many followers. Never caught a rainbow although at times groups would follow it all the way to boat.  

A couple of the browns that I rolled or had on for a while were real nice.  One XL brown followed the jerk to the boat and he was a tank.  

Back at it tomorrow.  @Travis Swift I swear I had all my bass gear but I just couldn’t leave my regular milk run. 




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18 minutes ago, nomolites said:

Same rod, I have field tested to confirm - just different color and no longer Browning marketed.  I don’t know if they would prorate an older one.  I had never had a rod break like that(snapped below ferrule) but I really love the UL action for working small stickbaits and jigs.


I’m pretty sure I damaged it on vacation.  I had to move them from the boat to truck every night and I had all kinds of stuff in the bed of the truck.  

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Actually I'm starting to like this flow... if they keep running the 35 in the mornings.  Get up past Short Creek and the level is basically power pool level.  No issues getting up to the dam.

I drifted from Andy's to the Narrows this am twice using an 1/32nd sculpin/peach jig, 2 pound line and caught some real nice rainbows.  Had the place to my self till Chuck came up about 8:15.  Real nice float.

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On 7/13/2019 at 10:24 PM, duckydoty said:

We use a 6 ft Lilleys’ Landing 30 year commemorative rod made for the resort in Harrison, Arkansas 

I'm looking for a couple jig rods. Are they anything like the TFO's you used to carry? and what is the price.

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