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12/17/18 Bass Fishing

I talked my wife into going out a few hours yesterday.  We launched around 11:00 at State Park and fished around that area on the little sac.  It was pretty slow going for the first couple hours the water was slick and wasn't much biting.  We finally started catching a few when the lightest of breeze started later in the afternoon.  We fished mostly main lake points and just inside the point leading into the coves.  The inside of the points seemed to be the best.  It was pretty slow for the most part we ended up with 14 total 9 keepers.  All but 1 was caught on a jerkbait natural shad color.  1 shorts was caught on a rock crawler.  I haven't been on Stockton much this fall so I was in search mode most of the time.  They are bunched up so when you catch one you will usually catch more.  It was a beautiful day for mid December a little more breeze and I think we would have caught more. 

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I had to take advantage of the nice weather and headed back up yesterday afternoon for some more fishing.  I launched at Cedar Ridge at 11:00 and started fishing the insides of points in that area.  It didn't take long I caught a couple at my first stop on a jerkbait.  I headed to my next spot and same thing I caught 2 on the jerkbait.  I noticed that all the fish I was catching were farther back in the pockets a ways from the points and in a little shallower water.  I put down the jerkbait and picked up a wart.  I pulled in a little closed to the bank and fished my way back out to the point.  I caught 3 more on the wart on my second pass.  I went to the next spot and did the same thing.  Caught 2 right on the bank with the wart and another a little deeper with the jerkbait.  I was kind of caught in the middle of do I fish the bank with the wart or do I pull out and fish the jerkbait.  I choose the jerkbait mainly to try out my new Lews jerkbait special rod.  I was really impressed with how it fit for my style jerkbait fishing.  When fish jerkbait and most topwaters I hold the rod in my right hand and reel with the left.  When I fish that way I hold the rod behind the reel on the handle.  Short pistol style handle is great for that style and at 6'7" it is short enough that I don't hit the water with my rod tip when working the bait.  I am not a tall man.  I ended up with 19 yesterday with only 7 keepers.  They had moved a little further back in the pockets I would find them 50 to 100 yards from the point towards the back of the pockets.  The sunny side seemed to be better.  Merry Christmas everyone and tight lines.  12.18.18 Stockton2.jpg12.18.18 Stockton.jpg

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 Nice job redshad!!!  We were out today and had a couple of limits of crappie again but it took us until 1 o’clock to get them. We also picked up a couple of bass on crank baits and creature baits.  Merry Christmas to all of you!!  Tight Lines in 2019!!

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