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Steve McBasser
Steve McBasser

2019 Fall Camp out is complete....10/31-11/2

We have been planning for a Fall camping and fishing trip for the men in my Sunday School class since May. Finally the day comes around and Missouri weather kicks our butt again. Wednesday evening that cold front plowed thru and the temps dropped rapidly. By the time we had the camper set up at Mutton Creek sleet was peppering down on top of it. We came back Thursday morning and set up the rest of camp in anticipation of 15-18 guys coming up to camp and fish. The cold weather prediction however caused several guys to chicken out. We wound up with with only 6 camping Thursday night and 8 on Friday. We had 10 for the fish fry on Friday night but had enough fish for 30..... To say the fish were biting good would be an understatement. We had multiple limits of white bass come in every day. Everybody else slept in heated campers. I was the only one that got to experience 26* and 28* nights in a nylon tent. It was quite the adventure........Food, fun, and fellowship. The evenings around the camp fire were awesome...... We had a ball. 




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It WAS cold. But not cold enough to scare us off. We persevered and was rewarded with a tremendous fishing trip and awesome fish fry.... It was really a blast. We have had to battle less than ideal conditions several times on these outings. Dealing with adversity just adds to the adventure. Can't wait until our spring trip now....

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