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Wow, was the Masters lot full!!

Launched at 6:30.  Ran about 45 seconds and started with the same texas rigged worm as the other evening.  Had 3 fish on the first 10 casts, 2 being 16" keepers.  Continued down that 75 yard stretch for just over an hour and had 17 fish boated and lost 4, with one in the 5 pound range. 

Silly to say, but got bored so i went with the proven 3 1/2" green pumpkin tube with 1/4 ounce tube hook.  Caught 6 fish pretty quick on that. Bored again, and as the wind picked up i tied on an underspin with a 5" swimbait and 2nd cast caught the first of several fish on it within 40 yards.  

Total was 35 bass, 1/2 keepers and off the water after 3 hours.  Just one of those mornings that im blessed to enjoy. Non-fisher people wouldnt understand what that feels like.  

Lots of boats out.  Small rain shower came thru for 30 seconds.  Most of the fish were in 3' of water, with a few worm fish out to 12'.  

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44 minutes ago, Fat Cat said:

Nice Job! Save some for the rest of us  

Fishing is great on this lake. When i launched there were 2 guys fishing the point next to the ramp. When i returned 3 hours later they were still in the same spot. Speaking with them, they are down from St. Louis fishing in one of the tourneys going on. Father/son team. They had 5 fish in the boat, and said they had over 30 since i launched. I mentioned my honey hole to them, and as they pulled out a paper map of the lake, i gave them the location of were i fish alot. Those fish are stacked on the stretch like ive never seen.  They were headed there as i pulled away.  Its raining pretty hard out now, so im glad my son-in-law needed my truck, or i would still be out there catching fish and getting wet. 

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4 hours ago, Skeeter ZX190 said:

Ketchup and Dprice,  you guys are killing me.  Maybe I can get down there Monday.

Fish will be waiting for ya skeeter. Especially if you tie on a worm. Those guys by the ramp today were throwing a red shad 7" worm catching what they did. 

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Gravel/fist sized rock banks, but i fished some pea gravel banks also that produced as well. The fish are pretty scattered and can be caught alot of areas. Those 30 degree banks seem to be my most productive. Secondary pount have been the ticket. Most fish caught are in less than 6'.  

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