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smiling mallard
smiling mallard

As good as it gets

Yesterday I filled my 2nd tag in 2 days of archery hunting this season then headed to Stockton for walleye. Last 3 days  Catching many 18" walleye,  jumbo crappie & sow whites in both upper end of Big & Little Sac arms.  Side of points at the end of a channel swing. 14 fow 8-10 down for crappie, bottom for whites & walleye. 2.5" white/chartruse sliders.  




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Thanks all. 

No, I'm not retired.  I just live my life that way, in case the good lord calls me home before I get a chance to retire. I value time over material things.  A person is only given X amount of April's( & November's for that matter).  Once you check one off, you can never get it back.


My opening day bird.  

I am on a hot streak that I wouldn't believe if someone told me. I have killed 5 birds in 5 days of bowhunting turkeys the last 2 seasons, hunting multiple states.  10 bow birds total in last 3years. I have eaten ALOT of tags over the years that would have been filled had I been shotgun hunting. It's time to get the kids & bobber out. I would also like to drop the green magnet to see what it would do.  Yah Steve, I suck on the Rock.


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