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Bass 3/29

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Put in @ Mutton around 9:30 and fished till 3:30. It was supposed to be very windy, and it was when we arrived, but by 10:30 the lake had glassed over.....it was quite strange. The breeze did come back out of the west around 12:30 but what was supposed to be a very windy morning turned out quite nice! The fishing started out really good with 4 keepers by 11:30 including the 5.3#. Then the fishing got pretty slow the rest of the day for us. We stayed within sight of the Mutton Ramp and ended up with 5 keeper, 2 shorts, 1 white, and 1 small walleye. Most of the fish were caught on crankbaits with a few coming on a swimming grub and shaky heads. I also hooked one up by the Mutton docks that I don't know what it was or how big it was but it would have been nice to have seen it.......the one that got away. I don't believe it was a catfish because it didn't' spin but whatever it was took drag and was headed to deep water. I'm hoping it was a drum because I would hate to think I had a huge walleye or bass on. water temps 45 to 48, south winds to start 15 to 20, then glass, then west 10 to 15., cloudy most of the day. Headed back up Wednesday, tight lines!

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