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Bass 4/8

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Put in @ Mutton around noon, only fired up the big motor to back off the trailer. Shut down and got on the trolling motor and by the time we had run to the point we had 4 LM on a crankbait & jig, one which kept. Ran across the lake to a main lake point and caught another 5 or 6 on cranks & shakey heads. Ran to the back of one cove and had a number of small bass, including 2 at once on crankbaits. Ran to another cove about 3/4 of the way back and caught a number of them on shakey heads & cranks. About the time the wind & thunder & dark skies really picked up (5:00) the bite was ON! Ended up catching 20+ on spinnerbaits, it was one of those evenings where you could almost call your bite. Nothing bigger than 3 lbs, all LM's, but what an evening. Put the boat back on the trailer about 7:30. Wind 20 with gusts to 25, partly cloudy in the afternoon, dark skies by 5:00. Water temps were 56 @ launch and 63 in the far back of the coves. Didn't find any fish way back, mostly 1/2 to 3/4 of the way back. Tight Lines!

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