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Beautiful Day on Water....Even Without the Fish!



Headed for State Park Marina in morning and was fortunate to notice two beautiful bald eagles sitting side by side on a log in Maze Creek!  I sure do wish that there was a place to pull over and grab a picture.  The early morning sun just seemed to make these two birds glow! Fishing at the marina was not how I dreamed it up so I departed to ramp just north of 215 bridge.  Picked up just one largemouth pulling a crankbait.  Surface water temp was 39 F.  Talked to a lot of people on Saturday that struggled to find fish!  Would like to hear from someone that had better luck than I and tell me where the fish were hiding!

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The lake was surprisingly busy today. Put in at Cedar ridge and there was probably a dozen trucks there.

I was out Thursday and didn't have any luck. Even bought minnows for today but it was the same story. They're tight lipped. 

Saw quite a few fish on the graph.

Talked to a guy at the ramp that said he caught some bass. Talked to a couple on the water that were also crappie fishing, they weren't having any luck either.

Sure was a pretty sunset though. Breeze calmed down around 4PM and the water was like glass.



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A friend and I went out Sunday.  I had been out 2 other days last week with no luck.  We started with spoons and raps in 30' and got 3 crappie and then nothing.  Tried a lot of places and ended up in the dam area in 80+ feet.  Found shad on the bottom and ended up with an 18" walleye and 7 good whites.  He and I have found them in that deep of water in years before but it has to have been cold for some time for them to go there.

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