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Sac River Jim
Sac River Jim

Big Sac below CC Report

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My buddy Dave and I put in at Greenfield Landing today at 7:00am. WE headed down to springfield cove and started crappie fishing. We had just started catching crappie when two fine gentlemen came into the cove on half pad with wakes so big I had to turn into them. Of course they cut us off so we decided to let them have the cove and we headed down the river to the other end of the bluff to what we call the rock fence. we worked the bluff end and around to small pockets picking up a few males right on the bank in 2 to 3 fow. When we got around the otherside and headed into the rock fence pocket here they come and cut us off again. so I put that spanking brand new 109lb thrust trolling motor on 8 and cut across the mouth of the pocket creating a nice little wake hahaha!!!!! Anyhows we set up in the facing the wind in 20fow right down wind from the point and proceeded to catch nice 12 to 14'' fish suspended at 8'. chart. and blk tube and strollR worked the best. Left there and headed down to the pocket on the upper side of Shaw bluff started in the back of the pocket and worked our way out. Well that same boat that had already cut us off set up on the point right in front of us for the third time. so I put the trolling motor on 8 again and bee bopped around them to fish down the bluff. This time they asked us what we were using and how deep we were catching them. I told them everything we threw at them and some on the bank and some deep hahaha!!!! Fellas the point is the spring run brings everyone and their neighbor to the lake in search of our speckled little friend. It can get frustrating and sometime you wanna give them a piece of your mind or whack em up side the head with a big silver spoon but its always best to bite your toungue and keep the spooning rod in the rod box. some people are just inexperienced and dont know no better.

We ended up with a nice mess of 20 crappie with most being big blk males in full spawning colors and one lone wht bass.

Blk/chart tube or Bobby Garland Stroll'R in same color on an 1/8th oz white ball head jig with an underspin was our primary bait. we just used a steady retrieve keeping the bait running just above the 8' level. crappie always feed up so if you mark them suspended at a certain depth present your baits just above them so they can see it.

water clarity is getting better but theres still a slight brown tint to the water from shaw bluff back up the river. in the coves if you can find a mud line just off the bank target it. some the crappie we caught were holding on the line and ambushing bait fish as they drifted by. from shaw bluff down the water is in great condition but is just a tad bit cooler.

surface temp was stable at 61.3 degrees from CC to the rock fence and 60.2 from shaw bluff to point 9.

we caught most of our quality fish suspended off he wind blown points or in the back of the pockets with wind blowing in. Most of the fish off the bank were short bucks in 3fow.

This thing gonna blow wide open i believe in just a few days and i dont think it matters as much what arm your on as targeting the proper banks like ive been describing for the last couple of weeks. Hope everyone gets a chance to WHACK EM GOOD!!!!


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