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Steve McBasser
Steve McBasser

I thought it was supposed to cool off in the fall......9/23

Picked up Gary at his house at 5:15 yesterday morning. Launched at CC Greenfield Access at 6:30 sharp. Started picking up bass at 6:35. We caught dozens of short bass for the next several hours. In the mean time we were also looking for the whites but didn't find any until about 9am. When we finally got them located we caught mostly short fish but they hit fast and furious for hours. We wound up catching between 60 to 70 of them with only a handful that would make it to the fish fry. We started out with a little bit of cloud cover early.. As the day got brighter...it got hotter, and hotter.... but the fish didn't care a bit. They continued to bite good even in the brightest and HOTTEST  hours of the day. After getting our fill of the short whites we decided to do something different......About 2:30pm we dicided to load the boat and head back around to Mutton Creek. We drove over the CC bridge and headed north. We wound up on Dade 185 which came out right beside the Sinclair station on Hwy 215. It was an adventure to get there. "Over the river and through the woods......" Launched at Mutton Creek at 3:05 and headed out onto the main lake. We fished the windy points out around the mile long bridge and slaughtered the bass. Gary and I have been fishing together for 6 or 7 years now and have had many awesome trips. This one was by far our best for numbers of white bass, and quality and numbers of black bass. It was a memorable day for sure...... Hope ya'll can get out soon.




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