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report from 4/18 state park area

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Got on lake around 8:00 am and stayed till 5:00right before rain started. Launched at state park and stayed close with weather coming in. Water temp stayed around 59-61 most of the day. Visability was around 10 feet with nice green tint. Started with rock crawler and wart while girlfriend fished the ned. No takers on crankbait and started to pick upsome moss everytime it hit bottom. Hopeing that doesn't get as bad as years past. Girlfriend started to pick up a few bass on ned mostly 10-14" range. Used Dave's jig head in 1/16 green pumpkin with eithe PBJ or Dirt zinker. Both colors seemed to work about even. I picked up spinnner bait and started to pick a few small bass up with one fat keeper. Rains came so we heaed back to dock at state park to dry out little and wait for storm to pass. Back out and bite was still on with the ned. I picked up brown jig with GP trailor and started to keep pace with robin on the ned. Stayed that way till we left and got 2 bonus walleye to boot. Pictures are of 2 biggest her's on ned, mine on jig. Think we ended up with 5 or 6 keepers and at least 20 other bass. All heathy and fat.View attachment: image.jpgView attachment: image.jpgView attachment: image.jpg

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