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September 3,4,,5

Went down to Stockton after the holiday to enjoy some week day walleye fishing. Tuesday the 3rd had only one keeper and probably 15 shorts. Wednesday the 4th wife and I both limited. All nice 16" to 18" fish. Had to work for them and sort though another 18-20 short fish. Wednesday the 5th we went out in the morning, needed to quit fishing around 10 AM to get stuff ready to head home. I limited, and the wife caught three. Fun trip! Was nice to put a few in the boat as I struggled with the high water this summer! All fish caught on small flats in 12-18' of water. Bottom bouncing at 1mph.  




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1 hour ago, Fishingforfun said:

When bottom bouncing are you dragging night crawlers?  Sure appreciate any help for a new fisherman 

Yes, some sort of crawler harness connected to a "bottom bouncer" weight. The bite was light, a good jig fisherman would probably have a lot of success. I am NOT a good jig fisherman!


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Found them tonight as well. Pulled cranks around a long, shallow point in 15-18ft.

Had one just over 22" a 20, a 17, and two that were just under 15. 

The wind seemed to pick up at dusk, and it was on like Donkey Kong. All pulling flickers and a wally diver.

This was the only photo I took, had my hands full dealing with snags, tangles, and fish. Layed her down on the golden rule for a better pic, went to reach for my phone, and in one expert flop she went right over the gunnel. So that one got released.



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