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10/18 - 10/19 Report

Decided to fish table rock over bullshoals this fall as we always tend to go to bull the last couple years.  Was hoping to time the fall bite just right but think i am just a bite to early.  Also wondering if i should have hit bullshoals as it always seems there is a good crankbait, spinner bait bite. 

The bite was decent on friday with a lot of fog and decent breeze.  We caught about 10 that day with the bigger ones being the morning and late almost dark evening.  We were fishing gravel run off points with wind.   Saturday was a different story as there was no wind all day and really no fog in the morning.  Only ended up with 3 this day.  Five smallies, couple spot, couple largemouth,  large gizzard shad and a nice crappie.  All fish were caught on 1/2 PnJ jig with a lille orange in the jig or alabama color rage craw.  The shad and crappie came on a ned rig.  I threw everthing, but only bite i could get was on jigs, but the fish were good and in the 2lb range.  Buddy and i lost a few big smallies that would have made the trip a lot better, but those are fish stories now. 

 Fished between dam and lowere bridge.  Mainly focused on the creeks across the darn an below.   Saw a lot of shad at mouth of creek arms., but the balls i came across were the smaller thred fine shad that were like the size of gubbies.  Sitting in 30 - 35 foot of water throwing to 10 - 15ft.  





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