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Bill Babler
Bill Babler

12-31-20. Big Cedar area report

All those pictures of big bass from Bull Shoals got me fired up.   Launched at old 86 at 0900 and went looking for some deep fish. Air temp at a balmy 30 degree and surface temp at 48.9

Had been looking for about an hour when the wind came up pretty good so I headed for some shelf Rock, the kind of stuff that Mike said they were on. Flat rock mixed with gravel.   He had told me boat in 15 to 18 ft.  Phantom Brown RK Crawler. 


First location 4th cast and wham!  Nice K. Caught a total if 4 on that location and then just started to look for wind on that type of bank. It's amazing the wildlife you see right now up close  I saw at least 1/2 dozen Minks, running the bank and fishing. 


Ended the morning at 2 pm with 9 fish. 8 K's and 1 LM. All keepers with the LM at 4lbs. 15 oz.  


Pretty sure most bites were in that 8' to 12' range. Bites were solid and there was no doubt, they all fought really hard.   I know for sure I missed a couple of others, so a great morning on the Spro Cranker

Good Luck

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I really didn't think the Finatic was all that expensive even at $38.99 for 300 yds.  Especially when I was respooling Invizx once or twice a week when Ned fishing.  Just couldn't keep the twists out and got tired of dragging it behind the boat three times a day in an effort to do so.

And if the 40% off deal is still in effect its even more reasonable.

I dunno - I'm a braid hater from way back but I like this stuff and it's super low maintenance which lazy old guys like me really appreciate!

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