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Bill Babler
Bill Babler

9-27-18 Baxter Area Table Rock Lake Fishing Report


My gosh it was totally spellbinding.

Remember when I said nobody catches them everyday.  That would be me  and Ed today.  Surface temps the last two nights have dropped about 4 degree and we were greeted by one of the most magnificent sunrises I have had the pleasure to see in a spell.

Zero surface activity between point 18 on the White to point 10 on the James to point 8 back on the White.  5 hrs. on the water today.    Full moon high pressure clear blue sky and I really did not have a clue. 

Fish were still in the 30' range but either suspended about 5' off the bottom or just laying there.  We had at least a dozen each pick up the jig and put it back down.    The rod shaking bite I had been on turned into a tippity-tap mush drop it bite with the conditions we had today.


Managed to put a few Keeps in the boat, but nothing not even near what I have been on.All our fish came on the 3/4 Pig Sticker Quick 5 in Brown Orange with the big Copper Nicholes Craw.  We were dragging hopping and reeling it on the channel swings right on the edge of the gravel.


Just completely reeled out with new Lew's Tournament Pro's.  they have been totally reengineered with larger gears soft grip handles and the ergonomics with the gold really work well on my Falcon's


7.5-1 you need that speed when picking up line on these fish especially if they are running to the top or running straight at you.

Pictured are 2 Heavy Cover Cara's with 15lb. Invizx.  7'4".   Bait size up to 1.4 oz. One Signature McClelland Heavy split-grip 7'6" 1.4 oz. bait size  and one Amistad split-grip 7'3" 1.6 oz. bait size with 12lb. Invizx


When you are fishing these deep fish with the 3/4 to 1 oz. jig you need an extremely strong back along with a very sensitive tip   You have maximum cast length and that bait is a long way from your hand.  You need the power to set that hook.



This weather is going to stabilize again and in the next couple of days, with the warm weather we have coming I expect they will be right back on that big jig.

Good Luck

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yep bill it is called frontitis.  going tonight and will be dealing with it myself.  better night to stay home, but someone begged me into going.  if we make enough stops we might beat out a few of them, but i am sure doubting it to be anything special.

aren't those healthy bass??  all the ones we have been getting are just pot gutted and i don't know how they can cram in another bite.


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Well I was out there today with my buddy Mike and it was tough for us.  Cold, a bit breezy, with some fog coming off the lake when we started and very little top water activity.  Nothing like it was a couple of days ago.  I caught one spot on a Plopper,  and a couple of swings and misses and that was it for the top water.

We then did a lot of bank beating with shaky heads and jigs, and put a handful of 13-14" fish in the boat - I probably had a half dozen shaky head bite fish that got off, just weren't eating it.

About 12:30 we fished a stretch of bank where we had a pretty good bite, chunk rock bank with a bit of wind on it.  We started picking up fish right on the bank on jigs.  No size except for one smallie I caught that might have been close to 3 lbs.  

We ended the day with 15 bass, mostly 13-14" spots.

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We had friends visiting us this week from Chicago so tried crawlers.  Thursday was in the James River arm from point 11 to 9.  We couldn't fish regardless of the depth we fished.  In 4 hours we only had a couple of wishy washy hits and one bass.  Friday we went up the White River and did much better catching 15 in about 3 hours with a nice mix of Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallies and Spotted.  We saw a lot of top water activity.  Conditions should continue to improve as the water continues to cool  Good Fishing all.


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