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Big M area 12/12

Finally got a break in the weather and had above freezing temps when we launched first thing in the morning.  Wind was in the forecast, but it didn't kick up for a few hours and that enabled us to get in some Ned fishing in good conditions.

Ned bite right now is good if you are on the right banks, those banks being steep chunk rock, bluffs, and rocky points.  Some of those locations have them, some don't, if I'm fishing a likely bank and don't get any action, don't see anything on the finder, I'll move.  The fish will bite the Ned right now, you just need to get on them.

We put around 25 in the boat and if the wind had not started blowing around 10 AM making fishing that Ned deep difficult, we would've done better.  No big fish, but we had 6 or 7 keepers and quite a few spots in the 14 inch range.  I enjoy catching them on light tackle, but it's not going to win a best 5 tourney.

Smallmouth bite was good for that part of the lake, I think we had around 8 smallies, 3 of them were solid keepers.  Had a couple get off right at the boat too.

Look like some pretty strong winds hit a few parts of the lake last week.  One hundred yard stretch of bank had not only uprooted cedars, but also had some that were snapped off at the trunk.  Takes a strong wind to do that.  

Looks like some pretty good weather after we get through this rain.

WT 47-48.


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6 minutes ago, Champ188 said:

A very good day and thanks for the report. Donna and I are gonna try and get up there Saturday. Any Walters? 

Almost forgot what a Walter is, I haven't caught one since spring.  I'm due for one.

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19 hours ago, Sprint21fter said:

If you want Walters get over to Bull Shoals. They are shallow right now. Jerkbaits and cranks fishing for Bass you will catch a couple!

Truth.  Just had some good ones this Wednesday over there.

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